What’s new in QuadriSpace 2012?

QuadriSpace’s 2012 product line includes signicant upgrades that makes the software easier to use and results in better published documents and graphics.

Expand Explode Tools

The 2012 release includes new tools for creating exploded views. The Expand Explode Tool makes it easy to select multiple parts and then drag to move all of these parts evenly spaced. This is very useful for quickly creating exploded views.

Radial Explode Tools

Radial explode tools work like the Expanding explode tools, except they work my moving all parts radially from a center point. This greatly simplifies the creation of exploded views or step-by-step processes for valves, piping, downhole and other 3D CAD designs that include  radially oriented parts.

Smaller Published 3D PDF Files

If you are using Pages3D or Publisher3D to create PDF documents with embedded 3D content then your PDF files just got smaller and your job just got easier. Smaller files are easier to share through email, faster to download from the internet, open more rapidly and consume fewer system resources.

Large Models are up to 95% Smaller

Hitting where it counts, large models published with QuadriSpace’s 2012 products are up to 95% smaller than when published with 2011.

One example large DWF model that included 11,800,000 faces compressed to just 20 MB with 2012. This same model published with a 2011 QuadriSpace product  was 256 MB.

Anti-Aliased Graphics and Cleaner Page Changes

Graphics, shapes and text included on pages in your documents look better and blend better.

Pages3D page design is especially impacted by this graphical quality upgrade. Delivering documents to the shop floor, to service reps or online with Reader3D will realize immediate improvements.

Also, Publisher3D templates look better and more accurately preview the 3D PDF results.