Original Prusa XL Assembled 2-toolhead 3D Printer

The Original Prusa XL is a unique large-scale CoreXY 3D printer with a build volume of 36×36×36 cm (14.17”×14.17”×14.17”) and an optional toolchanger to operate up to 5 independent toolheads. This allows you to print massive objects quickly and with little to no waste.

The XL offers a true multi-material experience, giving you the option to combine materials like soft TPU with durable PCCF in a single print. Or, for less demanding projects, you can use PLA as support material for PETG objects, making the removal of supports much easier. The XL can be upgraded with more toolheads at any time.

With five toolheads, the XL offers unmatched multi-material performance and speed with extremely fast tool changing and advanced technologies to deliver high-quality and colorful 3D prints with minimal-to-zero waste.

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